Kent Brewery

Kent Brewery is brewing with a mission to once again put Kent at the centre of the hop industry.  For almost 500 years, Kent was synonymous with hops in Britain.  It was the cradle of innovation - creating and producing the most popular hop varieties for over 200 years.  In the 18th century, 77,000 acres of Kent were dedicated to growing hops, and Londoners would holiday here to take part in the annual harvest.  Today, Kent's hop fields have been reduced to around 1000 acres, and it is no longer even the primary hop-growing county of England.  Kent Brewery wants this to change. Kent Brewery beers are different. Whether the style is traditional or modern, each beer contains our own twist.  Kent beers are never mediocre, never bland, and never normal.  Some may provide you with what you might have expected, but with that bit more that makes them extra special.  Some will be completely unexpected and show how much more can be achieved from the art and craft of brewing.