Tasting Notes


Canterbury Ales

Carefully crafted from the finest malted barley and whole hops available, The Canterbury Ales are a collection of cask conditioned ales brewed on the outskirts of Canterbury in Kent.

The Wife of Bath's Ale ABV 3.90%

126A Golden Ale, slightly spicy bitter with citrus / grapefruit notes and a long dry finish.

Green & Black ABV 3.70%

A green hopped stout for you delight.

Green & Pale ABV 3.80%

Green hopped pale ale what more fun could you have with your knitted pants on.

Hopdaemon Brewery Co.

Hell Raising Kentish Ales. At Hopdaemon the pursuit of the perfect pint of Real Ale has become a bit of an obsession. Traditional brewing methods are followed and quality is the name of the game. The purest ingredients are used at all times, and careful attention is paid to consistency throughout the brewing process. 

Green Demon ABV 5.00%

A golden 'HELLES' beer with luscious tropical fruit aromas and a crisp clean finish.

Kent Brewery

Kent Brewery is brewing with a mission to once again put Kent at the centre of the hop industry.  For almost 500 years, Kent was synonymous with hops in Britain.  It was the cradle of innovation - creating and producing the most popular hop varieties for over 200 years.  In the 18th century, 77,000 acres of Kent were dedicated to growing hops, and Londoners would holiday here to take part in the annual harvest.  Today, Kent's hop fields have been reduced to around 1000 acres, and it is no longer even the primary hop-growing county of England.  Kent Brewery wants this to change. Kent Brewery beers are different. Whether the style is traditional or modern, each beer contains our own twist.  Kent beers are never mediocre, never bland, and never normal.  Some may provide you with what you might have expected, but with that bit more that makes them extra special.  Some will be completely unexpected and show how much more can be achieved from the art and craft of brewing.

Cobnut ABV 4.10%

Fresh ruby ale. Generously hopped, dark and nutty. A tate of Kent.

Session Pale ABV 3.70%

Light hoppy session beer with citrus and elderflower.

Black Mirror ABV 4.50%

A dry hopped stout, subtle sour cherry malt with bitter tamarind herb back drop. Jesus, basically just a lovely nutty caramel not too heavy stout.

Green Giant ABV 6.00%

Green hopped and 6% of the stuff. Woof baby woof.

Goachers Maidstone Ales

Maidstone has had a long tradition of commercial brewing dating back to before 1650. At the turn of this century century there were still four independent brewers operating in the town, but by 1972 the last of these had been taken over and ceased production. In 1983 Phil and Debbie Goacher opened their own brewery in the Loose valley thus reviving the art of brewing in the county town after a break of eleven years. The modern brewing plant was purpose built on site and constructed along classical lines, allowing for full mash brewing and open fermentation in stainless steel vessels. All Goacher's Ales are produced from 100% malted barley and whole Kentish hops without the addition of sugars or colouring of any kind. We believe that our commitment to excellence and traditional methods produces ales of distinction and character much sought after in this increasingly standardized world.

Fine Light Ale ABV 3.70%

A pale amber light bitter with a rewarding floral hop character from the WGV and East Kent Golding hops. Sarah for you, happy anniversary.

Gold Star Ale ABV 5.10%

A true draught pale ale made with floor-malted low-colour Maris Otter malted barley and hopped with the finest East Kent aroma hops. A truly great beer from one of the first breweries to challenge Shepherd Neame for a share of the market in Kent. The bench mark for a pale ale; it is very good.

Green Hop ABV 3.90%

Green hopped fun and games. This cost us a night out as they are not letting any out of their own pubs.

Elephant School Brewing Company

Elephant School Brewing is named after the Elephant School that was in the base for the army barrack, which was a depot for the Essex Regiment. The school was run by the British East India Trading Company and ran until 1959. The beers are not along the traditional lines of its parent and so you can expect to see some rather different samples of beers being born.

Aussie Blond ABV 4.00%

Australian hopped blonde beer.

Dartford Wobbler Brewery

We’ve been brewing since 2003 and we are passionate about what we do. For us, it's all about the way we brew, the ingredients we use and our attention to detail. We’re proud of our beers: they look and taste excellent and are full of character.

Guinea Guzzler ABV 3.70%

Originally a light mild, this 3.7 per cent beer has proved extremely popular as a session pint. It is amber-coloured with a malty and fruity taste and a dry finish.

Peddler's Best ABV 4.00%

A mid strength copper-coloured bitter with floral fruit notes that finish oaky dry flavour.

Brew Buddies

From their brewery in Swanley Village , close to the infamous hop gardens of Kent which have been synonymous with the brewing industry for hundreds of years; Brew Buddies are on a mission. A mission to brew new and forward thinking beers, using where possible local ingredients, modern technique and passion.

Simcoe Single Hop ABV 4.30%

Simcoe Hops was released in 2000 by the Yakima Chief Ranch in Washington State. Its one of those hops that are closely associated with India Pale Ales, but its capacity does not stop there. Simcoe is used almost to obsession in varying ales, predominantly by American Craft Brewers. Its parents are unknown but is compared to Cascade Hops.

Bexley Brewery

Bexley Brewery Limited was established in March 2014 by husband and wife team Cliff and Jane Murphy and we started brewing our first beers in September. This is the first time since the closure of Reffells brewery in 1956 that the borough has its very own brewery again. Our aim is to produce exceptional session and seasonal ales that you can enjoy amongst friends and family in your local pubs and clubs.

Bexley Bob ABV 4.20%

BOB (Bexley’s Own Beer) is a deliciously smooth pale ale. This ale is made with a combination of Crystal malts together with UK and New World hops, giving a floral aroma with a well balanced flavour of gentle bittering and a lingering subtle sweetness.


Located in the rolling hills of Cheshire you’ll find a close family and a dog dedicated to brewing quality cask ale using only the finest ingredients and British hops. Familiar story? We think so. It’s our unique expertise that really makes us special. Brew master Dave (The Dad) has over 30 years experience working in director roles for various multinational pharmaceutical companies, so he understands the importance and processes of ensuring quality and consistency across our every barrel.

Man Up ABV 4.00%

A clean tasting, easy drinking and flavoursome brew with a bittersweet finish. A perfect 'dinner ale' that's become a popular favourite in The Manning Brewers range.

Music Man ABV 4.20%

A clean tasting, easy drinking and flavorsome hoppy golden brew with a bittersweet finish. This ale is sure to keep you suitably refreshed.

Caveman Brewery

In 2012, whilst rebuilding the near derilict George and Dragon pub in Swanscombe, workers stumbled on a tribe of Cavemen in a walled up section of the cellar. Descendents of the Swanscombe Man, this Caveman tribe has been living in the cellar of the pub and the adjacent abandoned cellars of Galley Hill for millennia. These Cavemen (and Cavewomen) have sampled beer brewed throughout the ages, including a lot of the contents of the George and Dragon cellar, and have decided to use their expertise to form their own brewery.

Neandathal ABV 4.60%

A true best bitter which is; brown, tawny, copper or amber coloured with medium to strong bitterness and a more evident maltiness. 4% - 4.6% abv in strength. Should you ever want to know what makes a best bitter.

Palaeolithic ABV 3.80%

A light session beer with a high dose of aromatic hops. Well balanced and highly drinkable this beer is the Swanscombe Man's favourite brew, which is why we named it after the Palaeolithic era. Sweet malts balance out the grapefruit and citrus from the US Cascade hops to produce an easy drinking session pale ale. It's then dry-hopped to add a bit of punch and aroma.

Brentwood Brewery

The Brentwood brewery was an idea born from a conversation between founders Dave Holmes and Roland Kannor that went something like "this pint's not brilliant - we can do better than this!". Since mid 2006 it has steadily increased its capacity and distribution, and the first brew, 'Summer Virgin' was voted Beer of the Festival at the 2007 CAMRA Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival. A major expansion and relocation in 2008 included a new 20-barrel plant. 70 outlets are supplied direct.

Hope & Glory ABV 4.50%

Our full bodied red premium bitter. A well balanced bitter with full malt flavours and a lightness of the hops coming through in the flavour, leaving a pleasing end note and lingering bitterness.

Wickwar Brewery

It all began in 1860 in the Cotswold village of Wickwar, surrounded by the rolling Wessex countryside. The purity of the locally sourced Cotswold water was impossible to resist, perfect for brewing traditional ale that is both satisfying and easy to drink.

Try Time ABV 3.80%

Using a front row of 3 world class hops, Styrian Celeia, Fuggle & Challenger; a creative midfield malt duo of Flagon & Crystal, blended with our free running Cotswold water and given that special line out spring from our own unique yeast, Try Time is a golden, full-bodied ale. It's time for your try.

The Ramsgate Brewery - Gadds

Our Brewery began life in the back of a Ramsgate boozer full of louts and ne'er-do-wells, back in 2002, and we spent the following four years struggling away in the tight, smelly and smokey surroundings until we'd built up enough customers to break free. In 2006 we purchased a big shed and set-up again (properly this time), bigger, better and bolder than before, brewing fresh, tasty, local ale for fresh, tasty locals. And it worked. 

Seasider ABV 4.30%

Mellow easy drinking ale with crystal meth/malt and lots of Goldings hops. An amber ale.

Canterbury Brewers

Canterbury Brewers is a traditional microbrewery based within the city walls of Canterbury. We produce a range of modern, fresh cask-conditioned ales using only the finest quality floor malted barley, hops and yeast available. With our distinctive recipes and our beautiful new brewery situated on Whitehorse lane we aim to add something different to the ever-growing and vibrant micro-brew scene in Kent. 

Green Hopped Rye ABV 4.40%

Green Hopped magic big tastes all round greatness.


The harbours very own brewery bringing you that craft stuff you love.

Sour Wheat ABV 5.00%
Peroxide Blonde ABV 5.00%
Sour Cherry ABV 5.00%
Pale Ale ABV 5.00%


East Stour Cider Company

A window into cider maker Danny's mind!! Imagine Dark Side Of The Moon meets the Beatles.

Brain Biter ABV 6.50%

A very crisp apple taste, very good in mouth, a little sweetness, but smooth as hell. Good building acid/tannin.

Ragazzleberry Cider ABV 7.78%

A raspberry cider. Great to look at but an aquired taste that offers later rewards.

Black Current ABV 7.30%

A cider that might taste nice. Black current.

Lilt ABV 7.50%

Tropical cider for the love of God what on earth is going on. You would have thought the name would have been trademarked; unless you live in Folkie!

Merry Moon Cider Company

Merry Moon Cider Company, Mersham, Kent

Medium ABV 7.00%

A good all round medium cider show casing Kentish produce at it best. PS. Get a webpage with tasting notes.

Mango ABV 7.30%

I am lost for words when it comes to cider but I guess this is Mango.

Cock Inn Cider

The world famous Cock Inn Cider

Beetroot ABV 8.00%

Two side affects from this bad girl; a banging head and red wee. Great.